10 Things I Bet You Don’t Know About Me

1. I was homeschooled Yessir! From 3rd grade to graduating high school I was super lucky to get to learn from home. I could talk all day about how amazing it was (and how no, I don’t have social issues because of it :P) but I’m definitely planning on homeschooling my future kiddos! 2. I’mContinue reading “10 Things I Bet You Don’t Know About Me”

Why I Don’t Use “Good” or “Bad” When Talking About Food

Humor me for a second, okay? Take a look at this doughnut right here. What are the first words that come to mind as you look at it? Be 100% honest—what does your brain automatically associate with this picture? If you are anything like the average climber, or anything like I was three years ago,Continue reading “Why I Don’t Use “Good” or “Bad” When Talking About Food”