10-Minute Breakfast Burritos for 2

Nothing like a delicious breakfast that comes together in less than 10 minutes am I right? Breakfast burritos are perfect for leftover baked or roasted potatoes or home fries but you can also cook some up quick. You can include any extras like veggies or protein (sausage, ham, bacon). Get creative with the cheese asContinue reading “10-Minute Breakfast Burritos for 2”

Is There an Ideal Macro Split for Rock Climbers?

It seems like everyone is talking about macro splits these days. But does this work for fueling to maximize climbing performance? My Answer, TLDR Style 1. Because carbohydrate and protein needs are based on grams/kilogram of body weight and vary tremendously based on many factors, macro percents don’t make the most sense. 2. A registeredContinue reading “Is There an Ideal Macro Split for Rock Climbers?”

Calcium: How Much Do You Need and Where Can You Get It?

First Things First: Are You Getting Enough? Are you under 30? If the answer is yes, you’re in the only season of you life when your body is able to build up the calcium bank in your bones. After the big 3-0, you start to withdraw calcium from that bank. The less you have stored,Continue reading “Calcium: How Much Do You Need and Where Can You Get It?”