Chewy White Chocolate & Raisin Granola Bars

If you’ve never made granola bars (or homemade granola) you are missing out! So easy, cheap, nourishing, and delicious—what more do you need? I got the idea for this flavor when I was snacking on my last batch of granola with a handful of raisins and white chocolate chips. I recently just discovered how raisinsContinue reading “Chewy White Chocolate & Raisin Granola Bars”

Easiest Chewy Granola Bars

These are the first granola bars I’ve ever made and I cannot believe how easy they were! I’ve been making my own granola for a while now and just modified the recipe for these chewy bars. Granola bars are a go-to for me whether it’s breakfast on the way out the door or a quickContinue reading “Easiest Chewy Granola Bars”