Creamy Shrimp Alfredo

Ooh baby did this come out good! This recipe was inspired by my creamy spinach and chicken pasta and it sure as heck won’t be my last creamy pasta recipe. I used to make a roux from scratch for cream sauces but using evaporated milk and cornstarch is SO much easier and faster. For aContinue reading “Creamy Shrimp Alfredo”

10-Minute Shrimp Tacos for 2

Where are my taco lovers at? Seriously, a goal of mine is to to eat more tacos right now. They are quick to whip up, satisfying, and SO DELICIOUS! We’ve made these shrimp tacos a handful of times now and they are fast becoming a Jorritsma fav. Next I need to try chicken! And fajitas!Continue reading “10-Minute Shrimp Tacos for 2”