The Intuitive Climber 1:1 Nutrition Assessment

Let’s get started shall we?

I’m going to ask you a few questions to get a sense of what your fueling looks like and then I’ll either reach out via email within 1 week with recommendations or we’ll chat about them on our next 1:1 call.

I like to paint the picture of what balance looks like and what your needs are so that you can plug that destination into your GPS, not so you can try to get there overnight. Also, intuitive eating is the best way to naturally find balance and as you heal your relationship with food you can be strategic (e.g try to get enough fruit) without rules or restriction or ulterior motives. You can use this info however is the most helpful for you (and we can talk about more details on one of your 1:1 calls).

One more thing: Some questions will include anthropometrics so I can calculate targets like your protein needs. Rest assured that whenever I talk about targets they are alway at least numbers, not maxes that you should stay under. If you’d rather avoid any kind of targets right now just list N/A.

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