The Intuitive Climber

>>Enrollment for the winter cohort will end at 10PM EST on Monday 1/31 and the next cohort will enroll April<<

Do you want to be free of obsessing about food and poor body image?

Girl, it’s high time you started THRIVING

Heal your relationship with food so you can enjoy ALL food with zero guilt AND be free to fuel strategically and climb hard.

If you want to be your strongest, healthiest, happiest, freest self…

You’ve probably been told that the answer is taking control

And that couldn’t be farther from the truth

Fueling for climbing isn’t about mustering up enough willpower or discipline to stick to a diet or a “lifestyle” but about healing your relationship with food and yourself so you can reconnect with your body and effortlessly find balance.

Hey there, climber!

I see you trying to get away from the diet mindset and stop obsessing about food.

I see you trying to fuel strategically so you can climb hard but without those strict food rules.

I see you trying to navigate the “lighter is better” culture and figure out how to respect and accept your here-and-now earth suit.

And I know your pain.

I’ve walked alongside dozens upon dozens of climbers who want to break free and feel like they’re thriving.

And here’s what it comes down to:

If you don’t actively try to unlearn what you’ve been conditioned to believe, things very well may never change.

If you’re going to break free you need to undo some serious lies, work through the yuck, and build new ways of thinking.

And I can help you do that.

Here’s what no one talks about when it comes to nutrition & climbing

Of course you aren’t going to send your hardest if you’re fueling is off since your body literally runs on food. So obvious right?

But here’s the no so obvious bit:


Which is why you can’t ever get more than short-term results

Unsustainable, all-or-nothing approaches only ever get you short term results. If you’re going to experience actual transformation, you need to understand why what you’ve been trying doesn’t work, what actually does work (hint hint >> intuitive eating), and how to make small (but hugely impactful) tweaks over time that will continue on even after coaching.


Especially since the most likely result from any form of restriction is bingeing

If you’re like most climbers, you regularly under fuel at times (whether it’s accidental or intentional) and end up feeling out of control at others (totally normal by the way). In order to really crush your hardest (and not feel crazy about food constantly) your body needs to trust that it’s going to get enough energy (and that includes what it mainly runs off of, carbohydrates).


Dialing in your nutrition and getting stronger has nothing to do with willpower

No matter who you are, you can never have enough willpower to outrun a negative relationship with food. Your body–which is just trying to keep you alive–will always win. To fuel freely you need to trust your body and have it trust you back. You need to not be scared of carbs or high-calorie foods and be able to eat whenever you’re hungry no matter what.


Fat phobia is the dirt that diet culture grows in

Dieting never crosses your mind until someone teaches you that you can and need to change your body. In order to truly make peace with food you need to relearn how to respect and accept your here-and-now body even when it’s hard to like it.

It’s time for something that’s actually going to make your life better

4 reasons why most climbers fail to make peace with food and fuel strategically



It’s totally normal to want big changes to happen overnight but it’s also totally normal to fail every time this way. The most life-transforming changes are small, sustainable, consistent, and exciting and snowball over time.



How often do you beat yourself up for having not figured this out yet? Guilt is learned but it’s also the most toxic motivator. Rather than moving you forward it keeps you trapped. Compassion and curiosity are where it’s at.



Maybe you’ve brought the bread back into the house and there is some level of abundance but you’re still telling yourself you can only have so much or you can’t have it more than once a day.



Trying to change a behavior on its own is like trying to chop off the top of a weed. Unless you get to the roots–your thoughts and beliefs–the change will never last and that weed will keep growing!

When you make a few shifts, real change can start happening!

“I have a MUCH more positive relationship with food, eat more intuitively, and learned how to time my meals to enhance my climbing performance.

I sent my first outdoor V2s, improved my mental game, sent way more indoor problems in the V4-V6 range than I ever would have imagined sending after a 4 month quarantine and started projecting in the V6-V8 range.

But most of all, I just feel so much less urgency to look a specific way to be able to call myself a climber! Thank you for everything!”

Brooke – PA, USA

“I felt trapped by an unhealthy and obsessive relationship with food but have a much more positive relationship with food now!

Chiara understands what it’s like to lose control around food and she focuses on building nutrition on the foundation of a positive relationship with food.

I gained trust in my body that freed me from “shoulds” and now allows me to honor feelings of hunger and fullness and really enjoy the food I eat. I really can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me!”

Claire – UT, USA

The Intuitive Climber is back!

The complete A-Z group coaching program that takes women climbers from struggling with food rules, fueling, and poor body image to THRIVING.

It’s everything I’ve learned from clinical practice, 1:1 coaching, and painful personal experience and what I wish existed a decade ago.

I’ve used these strategies to not only completely transform my own life–I still struggle to wrap my brain around how different life is for me now now–and the lives of so many climbers.

And now this is your invitation to start the journey

Sure you’ll learn how to fuel strategically so you can have more energy and climb all of the hard things.

But most importantly, you’ll figure out what’s standing in the way of you and your freest, fullest life, work through those icky sticky mental blocks, and come out swingin’ as a free human being.

The end result: you reclaiming the brain space that’s been consumed for years (maybe even decades) and thriving


is the first program of its kind that…


Navigating food relationship and body image is hard stuff, but in the climbing community it’s even harder. In this program the group is intentionally kept small (limited to 8 women) to foster an intimate community, vulnerability, and growth.


Traditionally you have to choose intuitive eating without a performance focus or sports nutrition + diet culture. Not here! When you heal your relationship with food you become completely free to fuel intentionally without any rule or restriction. And there is nothing like finding food freedom and being done with the guilt for good AND fueling strategically.


As a woman, you experience constant pressure to fit the mold but the intensity increases when you’re an athlete (an especially in an aesthetic sport like climbing). It’s about time you had tools to not just survive the culture, but thrive despite it. Because body image is about your brain (and not your body at all), it is hard but completely possible to learn to accept your here-and-now body and see yourself as more than an object.

Here’s how it all breaks down…

4 pillars of training & support

Weekly pre-recorded modules

Each of the modules speaks to an aspect of food freedom, body image, or strategic fueling.

Weekly workbooks

The workbooks go hand in hand with each module and include exercises, prompts, and templates to help you dig deeper and take action.

Weekly group coaching calls

Turning knowledge into action is so hard without accountability and support which is why these calls are so powerful.* Each call will be an opportunity to check in with yourself and the group, to be encouraged and challenged, and to have your biggest questions answered.

*An ASTD study found that with accountability and support the chance of you achieving a goal increases from 10% to 95%!

Unlimited support + community via Slack

I get just how hard it is to do this work alone which is why you have the full support of myself as your coach and your fellow climbers. I am here to brainstorm with you, to answer your questions, give you feedback, cheer you on, celebrate your wins, and support you. I will be your shoulder to lean on and someone you can talk through things with!



  • The one question that will make you unstoppable when you answer it
  • The 4 simple steps to solving problems
  • 4 ways to set yourself up for success
  • How to choose action steps that actually work



  • The single most important thing about nutrition and fueling for climbing
  • Why dieting is destined to fail every single time
  • 9 signs of disordered eating
  • A deep dive into diet culture and weight bias/fat phobia and how they’ve hijacked health and happiness
  • What intuitive eating is and why it actually works
  • 9 practical action steps to start breaking free



  • The surprising and liberating definition of true positive body image
  • How and why you’ve developed poor body image
  • 3 diet culture myths you might believe
  • 8 practical action steps to move from body judgement to body acceptance
  • 5+ resources to support you in your body acceptance journey



  • What you need to know about energy
  • The 3 macros and why you need them
  • Understanding food groups
  • Tiny nutrients that play massive roles
  • The #1 thing you need to know about supplements
  • 6 effects of dehydration and how to avoid it



  • The most important thing about hunger
  • How hunger and fullness actually works
  • 8 ways your body may let you know you’re hungry
  • How diet culture has screwed things up
  • The restrict-binge cycle + the physiology and psychology behind it
  • A tool to tune into your hunger/fullness
  • Why starting eating intuitively is so hard + how to not quit



  • The 3 layers of fueling + knowing where to start
  • The most important thing about fueling intentionally without dieting or rules
  • How to fuel for light, moderate, and hard training days



  • The anatomy of a trigger food
  • Why trigger foods can be so powerful and scary
  • The unintended consequence of restriction
  • How to stop bingeing for good
  • 6 steps to normalize any trigger food
  • 3 signs you’re mentally restricting



  • 3 core elements of daily fueling
  • Everything you could ever hope to know about fueling and hydration before, during, and after climbing
  • Why recovery is where it’s at
  • How to start taking action without getting overwhelmed



  • 3 ways how you think about food is impacted by diet culture
  • 3 socially accepted lies about health and food
  • 8 negative food labels that are everywhere
  • How food rules show up in your day to day
  • The reality of disconnection and guilt that comes with diet culture
  • The thing you thought motivated you but actually keeps you trapped
  • 3 tools to help you rewire your brain and shut the food police down



  • How to grocery shop in a way that works for you
  • 4 ways to meal prep that don’t suck
  • 12 money saving tips
  • How to start taking action

And to make sure you’re supported every step of the way you’ll also get access to:


45 minute 1:1 coaching call during the program – valued at $225

This is usually only part of my premium 1:1 coaching offer and you get it for nada.

In this call I will

Answer any and every question you have about the content we’re covering

Help you with identify barriers, problem solve, and move forward

Help you gain clarity and confidence

Support you and graciously hold you accountable


10 guides/templates & 100+ recipes – valued at $100+

Resources for you to refer to when you need a quick refresher + recipes

Intuitive eating guide + hunger/fullness scale

Nutrition 101 guide that dives into macros and micros

Guide on how to fuel for main meals on light, moderate, and hard days

Fueling for climbing guide that covers pre-, mid-, and post-climbing fueling

Hydration guide with targets and a template

Supplement guide to help you understand what you actually need

Meal planning template to help you plan meals and groceries

Food group cheat sheet to help you navigate food choices

Goal-setting guide + template to take meaningful action

Snack guide with 75+ ideas and 35+ easy recipes

100+ easy recipes with fueling notes for pre/post-climbing


(or $325+ for all of the bonuses)

Imagine what the world would be like if…

  • You never felt out of control around food, deprived, or guilty
  • You kept all your favorite foods at home without worrying about overeating them
  • You knew exactly how and when to fuel strategically for climbing and recovery but in a way that’s flexible and free of rules
  • You had more compassion and respect for your body and accepted it vs judged it
  • You climbed and trained and moved because you want to, not because you needed to “earn” the right to eat
  • You were more comfortable and confident at the crag and in the gym
  • You had more energy and actually felt fueled for your sessions
  • You got back the brain space occupied by negative thoughts about food and you body

That’s what happens in The Intuitive Climber

“Before I worked with Chiara, I felt trapped in a guilty mindset when it came to eating and was sick of feeling that way. Coaching helped me fuel, send my first few v5s, and also begin my journey of rethinking food and letting go of negative mindsets that I grew up with and didn’t recognize before. Thankful for everything!”

Allyx – WA, USA

“13/10 would recommend!

I gained so much from working with Chiara and learned my individualized pre-, mid-, and post-training fueling needs, how to navigate my carb needs and account for allergies, and how to create sustainable fueling habits.”

Jana- WA, USA

Join The Intuitive Climber today and get…

  • 10 pre-recorded modules
  • 10 workbooks
  • 10 group coaching calls
  • Unlimited support + community via Slack
  • $325+ worth of bonuses

THE INTUITIVE CLIMBER Group Coaching Program

($800 value)*

Be done with food and body guilt and start fueling freely

With a group of like-minded women climbers

You’ll get access to:

  • 10 video modules (released 1 week at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed)
  • 10 workbooks to help you dig deeper and turn information into action
  • 10 weekly group calls to provide you with support and accountability (Thurs. 8pm EST)
  • Unlimited support + community via Slack where you can share questions, challenges, and wins

Exclusive bonuses:

($325 value)*

  • 45-minute 1:1 coaching call with me to use during the program for any topic
  • 10 guides that you get right away on topics like intuitive eating, fueling for climbing, hydration, supplements, goal-setting, and more + 100+ recipes with fueling notes

*This isn’t a number I dreamed up to make these bonuses sound amazing (I haaaate when I spot a ridiculous number on a program’s page). This is what they would cost if you were doing 1:1 coaching or purchasing individual services.

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1125

(a small investment when you consider the lifetime impact)

Pay with the plan*

4 payments of


Pay upfront

1 payment of


You’ll receive alllllll the deets and Module #1 immediately.

Need help ordering or have questions?

Get in touch or sign up for a free 15-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.

*Click here to request an extended payment plan (up to 12 months).

This program is for you if…

You identify as a woman and LOVE climbing

You’re ready to finally break free from a negative relationship with food and your body

You want to fuel with intention but without all the diet culture

You’re willing to get outside of your comfort zone

You’re at least 18 years old

This program is NOT for you if…

You don’t identify as a woman climber

You’re actively dieting or trying to lose weight

You have an active eating disorder and haven’t received treatment or support*

You’re not quite ready to dig into your relationship with food and your body

You’re <18 years old

*if you’re not sure, let’s hop on a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit

Change your mind? Get a full refund.

I know this works. Not just because of my own personal experience or because of the 125+ studies that say so, but because I’ve watched climbers’ lives transform over and over and over again.

But if for some reason you decide this program is not for you, I’ll issue you a full refund.

Before you make your purchase, please view my full policy here.

Questions people ask before saying “Heck yes!” to The Intuitive Climber

What time are the group calls?

They are on Thursdays at 8pm EST and will be recorded.

Do we get 1:1 feedback?

Yes! I keep the group small so that everyone gets a chance to share their progress, challenges etc. There’s also a huge opportunity in the 1:1 coaching calls and the individual nutrition assessment which I highly recommend taking advantage of.

I’m fairly new to climbing. Is there a level that’s required?

Nope! If you love climbing, you’re welcome in this group. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been climbing for over a decade or less than 3 months, if you’re at the crag weekly or only climb in the gym. All women climbers are welcome!

I’ve tried intuitive eating before and I wasn’t successful. Should I just see a therapist?

The hardest part of making peace with food is pushing through the reverse honeymoon phase in the very beginning. There are a lot of reasons why we don’t push through and it’s hard for me to say without getting to know you more, but every single one of the climbers I’ve worked with have made it past this! It’s just a matter of knowing what steps to take and having the support to take them. That being said, having a therapist is ideal, but I get that therapy is not accessible for everyone.

If you were going to only work with a therapist ideally they’d be equipped for disordered eating and eating disorders. Otherwise there’s a risk of them unintentionally projecting their own unresolved issues with food and body image.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! The program is $700 if you pay in full or you can make 4 payments of $175 OR I’m also offering an extended payment plan up to 12 months. I used to mark up the payment plan because I saw everyone else doing it until I realized that wasn’t super ethical. So there’s no markup and you get all the bonuses regardless of whether or not you pay in full!

Who is this program for?

Cis and trans women and non-binary folks who are comfortable in spaces that center the experiences of women.

Will I get all the modules at once?

Because this is a group program (vs an online course) I’ll be sending you the pre-recorded modules and workbooks every week so it doesn’t get super overwhelming. If there’s something that you want to cover ASAP chances are it’s in one of the bonus guides or we can chat about it in one of the 1:1 calls!

What’s the time commitment?

The biggest time investment is for the modules and coaching calls and to get the most out of the program ideally you would set aside ~2 hours a week.

Outside of that it’s implementing the action steps we chose and if we did a good job with those, they should feel super realistic and exciting vs like homework!

Do I have to do a discovery call before I sign up for the program?

Nope! You can join the program without a call but if you do want to chat face to face and see if we’re a good fit sign up for a call.

What are the group calls like?

These are a time for us to connect, check in, talk about wins and challenges from the week, recap the new content, cover questions, and choose action steps.

When will this be available again?

The program runs quarterly and the next cohort will be start in April! The investment increases each round as does the cost of 1:1 coaching (currently $1200 for 3 months).

What you get access to

Freedom from food and body guilt + the ability to fuel strategically

Learning along side a bomb group of women climbers with

  • 10 video modules (released 1 week at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed)
  • 10 workbooks to help you dig deeper and turn information into action
  • 10 weekly group calls to provide you with support and accountability (Thurs. 8pm EST)
  • Unlimited support + community via Slack where you can share questions, challenges, and wins

Early bird bonuses:

  • 45 minute 1:1 call with me to use during the program for any topic you want
  • 10 guides on topics like intuitive eating, fueling for climbing, hydration, supplements, goal-setting, and more + 100+ recipes with fueling notes

(value of $1125)

Pay with the plan*

4 payments of


Pay upfront

1 payment of


You’ll receive all the details and Module #1 immediately.

Need help ordering or have questions?

Get in touch or sign up for a free 15-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.

*Click here to request an extended payment plan (up to 12 months).



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Enrollment ends for the winter cohort

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