The Intuitive Climber Waitlist

Hey climber, you’ve got



  hours  minutes  seconds


the waitlist for the summer cohort of The Intuitive Climber closes


A 12-week group coaching program for women climbers…

Who are ready to say goodbye to struggling with food rules, fueling, and poor body image and say hello to THRIVING.

This program is the only one out there that tackles food freedom, body image, and fueling for climbing and I’m SO excited to tell you more about it soon!

And if you’re wondering what all of the fuss is about…

Climbers on the waitlist get to

Join the program early (and before it can sell out)

Enroll for $150 less than everyone else ($137 x 4)*

And get $700 of bonuses (honestly worth as much than the actual program)

The group will be limited to 8 climbers and the next cohort won’t be till October.

*There’s also an extended payment plan option (up to 12 months or $46/month)

Join the waitlist for early access & bonuses

By joining the waitlist you’ll be added to my email list. If you unsubscribe during the waitlist period you will also be removed from the waitlist.

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