Nutrition Coaching

3 Month Nutrition Coaching Program for Climbers

Dial in your nutrition and ditch food rules so you can feel your best, climb your hardest, and enjoy food with zero guilt.

This is for You if You Want to:

  • Climb harder and recover faster
  • Learn what to eat when to support your best performance
  • Have more confidence at the crag and in the gym
  • Find balance so you can fuel strategically while eating all of your favorite foods
  • Have more energy and generally feel awesome

I literally had no idea what I was doing until I did coaching. Chiara gave me the information I needed to reach my goals and end the confusion I got from hearing so many mixed things about nutrition. I finally learned how to balance my diet, learned when to eat which foods to increase performance, and upped my climbing grade to V4-V5. When I’m ready to crush my next climbing goals, I’ll be back!

Alex – WA

Team Up With An Expert

I’m climbing harder than ever and freely enjoying food but it wasn’t always that way! I struggled with an eating disorder for a decade until I finally started healing my relationship with food and living again.

As dietitian, I use my expertise and personal experience to help climbers like you get stronger break the diet cycle once and for all, make peace with food, find balance and enjoy all of their favorite foods, with an evidence-based, food-first approach.

What We Cover

Fueling strategies

It’s no secret that strategic nutrition has a huge impact on your performance. We cover the ins and outs of what to eat when so you can feel awesome and climb your hardest, how to meal plan in a way that fits your lifestyle, plus much more!

Making peace with food

Okay this is so huge! A positive relationship with food is absolutely essential to actually being able to fuel for climbing. Worrying about counting calories or macros, being afraid of certain foods (like the simple carb that are ideal for pre-and mid-climb fueling), and neglecting hunger/fullness cues will only keep you from reaching your full potential as a climber AND as a human being. I’ll help you identify and start breaking food rules that are holding you back so you can fuel without stress or guilt.

Leveling up with SMART goals

Making changes is hard but intentionally using realistic SMART goals makes it actually doable! We’ll brainstorm action steps to help you get where you want to go and then create laser-focused, achievable goals. At each session we’ll evaluate progress, pivot when necessary, and add new goals as you feel ready. Even after coaching this skill will help you make the most of fueling, training, and climbing so your dreams can become a reality.

What the Program Includes

  • Four, 60-minute video calls
  • Three, 15-minute video check ins halfway between sessions to review your progress and answer questions
  • Unlimited email or text support in between sessions
  • Detailed handouts, workbooks, and templates to help you eat to send and find food freedom. Topics include:
    • General nutrition, balancing your plate, pre-, mid-, and post-workout fueling, using SMART goals, exploring and healing your relationship with food, intuitive and mindful eating, and more!

This is for Climbers Who Are

  • Serious about putting in the work to become the strongest version of yourself
  • Motivated and ready to make lifestyle changes, not looking for a quick fix
  • Ready to honestly explore their relationship with food and ditch food rules and diet culture
  • Looking to learn to eat intuitively (not follow meal plans, macro splits, and calorie-counting)
  • Looking for legit, evidenced-based information (no hype or fads here!)
  • At least 18 years old

This is Not For Climbers Who Are

  • Comfortable at their current skill level or not willing to make an effort
  • Not motivated and looking for a quick fix versus long-term results
  • Okay living with a negative relationship with food and aren’t interested in exploring ditching diet culture
  • Set on meal plans, macro splits, and calorie counting rather that learning to eat intuitively
  • Okay with trusting questionable nutrition information from sources lacking credibility
  • Under 18 years old

Investment – $549 for 3 months of coaching

Or $149 x 4 via payment plan

Not sure if coaching is right for you? Don’t sweat it! You can still sign up for a discovery call, get your questions answered, and see if what you need to start climbing harder. No commitment necessary!

What Climbers Are Saying About Coaching

Emily – Canada

I chose nutrition coaching because I wanted to take the next step in my climbing training. Since working with Chiara, I eat food that better fuels me for climbing and understand what is best to eat before, during, and after training. I am looking forward to getting back on the wall, fully fueled for training, with high energy and a better relationship with food!

Ruben – CA

Chiara helped me use food as a tool to meet my goals. Before coaching, I never really thought about eating before climbing. Now I’m excited to see how I can use my pre-, mid-, and post-workout meals to maximize my sessions. Literally changed my life 🙂

Matt – UK

I couldn’t recommend working with Chiara enough to other climbers. Working with her was excellent and I have made significant progress. I have more energy when it comes to training, can train harder and longer, and have seen a distinct physical change.

Claire – UT

I felt trapped by an unhealthy and obsessive relationship with food but have a much more positive relationship with food now! Chiara understands what it’s like to lose control around food and she focuses on building nutrition knowledge on the foundation of a positive relationship with food. I really can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me!

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