Ready to ditch food rules, guilt, and being confused about how to fuel? You don’t have to figure this out on your own!

Make peace with food and fuel strategically with nutrition coaching

It’s no secret that how you fuel has a massive impact on how hard you send! What’s not as well-known is that your relationship with food determines how you fuel. When we team up for 1:1 coaching, you’ll:

  • Start healing your relationship with food and breaking free from diet culture
  • Learn what to eat when to support your best performance
  • Find balance so you can fuel strategically while eating ALL of your favorite foods
  • Have more confidence at the crag and in the gym
  • Have increased energy and generally feel awesome

How 1:1 nutrition coaching works

1. Discovery call

These calls are very relaxed and just an opportunity for us to get to explore working together.

I’ll get a sense of your goals, challenges, and your relationship with food, and answer any questions you have so you can decide if we feel like a good fit.

2. Coaching calls

We’ll do a deep dive so I can get a good sense of what life looks like for you and what your biggest pain points are.

Then we’ll unpack content to help you either fuel intentionally or make peace with food, problem solve through how to apply it to your life, and either set or adjust action steps.

3. Check ins + text support

Check ins are halfway between coaching sessions and are a chance for us to review your progress and talk through questions.

With unlimited text support I’ll answer your questions, celebrate your wins, and help you problem solve through challenges in between coaching calls.

I chose nutrition coaching because I wanted to take the next step in my climbing training. Working with Chiara was a great experience and I learned a lot about myself and about my relationship with food. Changing my mentality about how I feel about certain foods and the best things to eat to reach my goals makes a great impact every day. I am looking forward to getting back on the wall fully fueled for training with high energy and a better relationship with food.”

Emily – Canada

Hey there, I’m Chiara!

Your trusty registered dietitian, fellow rock climber, and resource for all things performance nutrition for climbing.

I’ve helped climbers from all over the world climb harder with simple, evidence-based fueling strategies and by making peace with food.

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What climbers are saying…

I have a MUCH more positive relationship with food, eat more intuitively, and learned how to time my meals to enhance my climbing performance. But most of all, I just feel so much less urgency to look a specific way to be able to call myself a climber! Thank you for everything!”

Brooke – PA, USA

“I literally had no idea what I was doing until I did coaching. Chiara gave me the information I needed to reach my goals and end the confusion I got from hearing so many mixed things about nutrition.”

Alex – WA, USA

“Before coaching I was held back by a fear of sugary foods, fear of weight gain, and hopelessness that these things would affect my climbing. But now I have more trust in my body, better energy levels, a clearer understanding of how fueling affects my performance, better nutrition and hydration, and less fear of sugary foods.”

Claire – WA, USA

Restrictive dieting had held me back and caused more damage than it helped so food relationship was a very sensitive subject for me. I felt very “not judged” when we did these sessions and Chiara helped me use food as a tool to meet my goals. Literally changed my life.”

Ruben – CA, USA

“I felt trapped by an unhealthy and obsessive relationship with food but have a much more positive relationship with food now! I gained trust in my body that freed me from “shoulds” and now allows me to honor feelings of hunger and fullness and really enjoy the food I eat. I really can’t thank Chiara enough for what she’s done for me!”

Claire – UT, USA

I couldn’t recommend working with Chiara enough to other climbers. Working with her was excellent and I made significant progress. I have a more positive relationship with food, am not avoiding foods that I really enjoy, and have more energy when it comes to training so I can train harder and longer.”

Matt – Newcastle, UK

“13/10 would recommend! I gained so much from working with Chiara and learned my individualized pre-, mid-, and post-training fueling needs, how to navigate my carb needs and account for allergies, and how to create sustainable fueling habits.

Jana – WA, USA

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